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The BPA Newsletter is a popular and long standing feature of the Barron Park Association.

We publish four issues each year:  in April (Spring), June (Summer), September (Fall) and January (Winter). The Winter edition is mailed to all Barron Park residents. The other three quarterly editions are mailed only to BPA members.

The most recent newsletter: Spring 2024 Newsletter


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DBsortbytopic – BPNL 1978-Win 2013

This database is an “index” of ALL items that have ever appeared in the Barron Park Newsletter. It is an Excel worksheet –  so almost anyone can sort it with ease. I am the originator, owner and database manager. I have been using previous editions of this database to assist me in researching Barron Park History during the past 5 or 6 years. This week I spent several days updating it to include the most recent five years’ worth of newsletter issues.
The database has five sortable fields;
    • Item Number
    • Issue Date (of Newsletter)
    • Page Number(s) (of item)
    • General Topics (Search code for topics)
  • Title and Content (I’ve entered more “content” – usually subheads – for my history articles than for most others – also there is more content in the more recent entries, 2008-2013)
Also provided is a one-page listing of the General Topic search codes and their definitions, entitled “Searching the “General Topics field” in the BPNL Index spreadsheet. It is easy to sort by topic, then highlight the topic(s) you are interested in, and copy to a file or print the result

  4 Responses to “BPA Newsletter”

  1. Will the Winter 2016 Newsletter be posted?

  2. Is there an email option? Would much prefer to go paperless, but I know it will slip my mind to check the website when it’s only quarterly.

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