The Barron Park Association

About the BPA


An organization of the residents of the Barron Park Neighborhood of Palo Alto, California..since 1926

Our focus is community service and improvement and representing the neighborhood before government bodies.


 The BPA does all this….

  • Enhances our Community Atmosphere
  • Facilitates Neighborhood Communication
  • Pursues Actions to Insure a Safe and Healthy Environment
  • Sponsors Local Environmental Activities and Projects
  • Assists with Emergency Preparedness Activities
  • ..and more !

Over the years, the efforts of the BPA have had an immense impact on our quality of life. Our history includes the creation of Bol Park and the integration into the City of Palo Alto while preserving the unique character of our neighborhood. Today, the Barron Park Association remains your neighborhood advocate with the City for resolving important issues that affect our lives.

BPA Bylaws




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