The Barron Park Association

Jun 122016
By Vickie Martin, Barron Park Zero Waste Block Leader


We all want to be good stewards of our resources.  Zero Waste Palo Alto can help! Have questions about what goes where: black cart, green cart, blue cart? Would you like to borrow a “party pack” with reusable napkins, silverware, and plastic plates, cups, & bowls? (One party pack has enough for 24 place settings, but it is possible to borrow from multiple neighborhoods for larger events.) Want tips for reducing junk mail? Curious about how can you safely dispose of hazardous wastes or old prescriptions? For answers to these questions and many more, visit the Zero Waste Palo Alto website:
Or contact one of your neighborhood Zero Waste Block Leaders:
1. Annette Puskarich
 (Zero Waste/Recycling Questions)
2. Karen Saxena
(Party Pack Reservations)
3. Vickie Martin
(Zero Waste/Recycling Questions & Party Pack Reservations)

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