The Barron Park Association

Aug 252015

Barron Park Association’s  3rd Annual Neighborhood Movie Night at Bol Park


Events starting at 6:30PM

It’s Friday night, why cook…

Oaxacan Kitchen Food Truck – buy your food and have a picnic dinner with old or new friends.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraising

CREAM sandwiches for dessert $5
YUM * chocolate chip with vanilla
YUMM * double chocolate chip with mint chocolate chip
YUMMY * snickerdoodle with salted caramel
YUMMIEST * butter sugar with strawberry

Donkey Fund fundraising – Popcorn 50 cents

Visit with Donkeys – Niner and Perry

Movie starts are Dusk. Admission is free.

BYO…chair and blankets, your preferred refreshments

Weather Forecast

Aug 162015


The Fourth annual Silicon Valley Tour de Coop,  a free, self-guided bicycle tours of chicken coops, gardens, bee hives, hoop houses, and coolest Silicon Valley urban homesteads,  is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 9AM to 4 PM.

From last year: It’s time for the Tour de Coop – Palo Alto Online

REGISTER NOW for the tour -Click HERE!

Want to show your coop on this tour, volunteer or help out?  Sign up now!

Aug 062015

Please save the evening, Friday, 8/28/2015 for our 3rd Annual Movie Night at Bol Park.

More information to follow soon, meanwhile, we need your help choosing a movie. Please review the movies available in the links provided and let us know your preference by 8/15/2015. We’ll show the movie with the most picks. Take the poll at the end of this post. 

Mama Mia 


Cats and Dogs

Back to the Future 

Despicable Me 2

Monster University

Annie (1982)

Annie (2014)

Grown Ups


Kind regards,

Lydia Kou – BPA Movie Night Organizer 

Mobile 650.996.0028 | Email



Aug 032015

TUESDAY, AUG 11, 2015

Our next lunch will again be a picnic in Bol Park at 1:00 pm with Driftwood Deli delivering box lunches consisting of a sandwich, chips, fruit, cookies and a drink, all for the low price of $10. We are able to order ahead of time to pick our choice of the sandwich and the drink.

We bring our own chairs and sit on level ground in a shady area … a great way to chat with each other and listen to the birds.

If you are interested in joining us, please email Julie Spengler at or phone 493-9151 by Friday August 7th so we can make a name tag for you and place your order.
Any responses after Aug 7th should be directed to Rosemary Jacobsen at 493-9151.

Hope to see many of you there.

Jun 112015

Please join us for the

BPA Community Happy Hour

Every month

on the third Tuesday, 5-6pm

at Cibo (bar area)


The BPA Community Happy Hour is an informal gathering for Barron Park residents
to meet neighbors, discuss current affairs and new ideas, and meet BPA Board members.

All that in an informal setting –
and the BPA will buy your first drink.

There is no need to RSVP, but do put it on your calendar:
every third Tuesday of the month!

The Board of the Barron Park Association


PS: We would like to thank Cibo for accommodating us for this monthly event. Very rarely, we may have to move or cancel the event due to a conflict at Cibo. We will send out a notice to the BPA-News mailing list if that is the case.

Jun 022015

(This is an updated version of my Spring 2015 BPA Newsletter column.)

In February, Palo Alto Online published an article about the College Terrace neighborhood association that rang familiar: an organization that has been around for about four decades and which played an important role for many residents over the years has difficulty attracting new blood to its board and may be at risk of folding. As BPA newsletter readers know, the lack of new volunteers is something the BPA board has been grappling with as well over recent years.

Why is it so difficult to find more volunteers to organize events, watch out for neighborhood safety, interact with the city and developers, or publish the BPA newsletter? As our survey last year showed, it is not that residents don’t care about these issues. Quite the opposite is true: throngs of people come together for the May Fete and Movie in the Park, concerned residents attend city council meetings, and the newsletter consistently gets very high marks. The Barron Park community clearly values what the BPA has to offer. More than that, and more broadly, community gatherings, activism, and communication demonstrably lead to a more enjoyable, livable, and resilient community.

So why aren’t more folks stepping up to contribute? In the past, people joined the BPA board mainly for one of two reasons: either to simply contribute to the community they live in, or to get the BPA behind a specific cause they cared about (e.g., CPI). One obvious answer why there are fewer of the former is that people have less time to volunteer, both because more people work (and work longer hours) and because there are many more competing activities to choose from than decades ago. The latter — activists — still exist, but it’s easier than ever to voice your opinion or rally people using online tools and social media. While the BPA may provide more weight to an opinion, it also takes longer to act and has to be more considerate by its very nature (serving a large and diverse membership).

You may think of other reasons why fewer people make themselves available to the community. The effect is the same, though: most current board members have been in their roles for a long time, and new members are hard to recruit. As a result, several important committee chairs are vacant. Rather than just lament this situation, though, the board has been active to work out a “Plan B”: considering the outsourcing of some of its activities. For example, the fact that events bring neighbors together and thus lead to a vibrant and resilient community is not necessarily diminished by having events organized by professional event planners. While most of us would prefer to have volunteers from the neighborhood organize our events, it is more important to continue those events than to insist on free labor. This has in fact happened to the May Fete: our marquee event has become just too much for a volunteer group to organize, but by all accounts paying a professional to plan and run it for the last few years has done nothing to decrease its popularity. So that is what we are considering for other offerings from the BPA. We have some creative ideas, and I think some may change the BPA for the better. We’ll do it carefully, and certainly not for everything. We’ll also have to look at the financial impact, and perhaps we’ll have to raise membership dues (which haven’t changed in many years). None of this is decided yet, but this is the time to think about it. We are fortunate to have a solid organization with a strong history, which provides a good foundation for its next phase. (Since I first wrote this, a few people have stepped forward to volunteer and even join the BPA board. We still need more help in some of the departments. Check board meeting announcements for vacant chairs, or contact us with your interests. Even better: join us at a BPA Community Happy Hour!)

We’d like to hear your opinion on this issue. Send me an email to president at BPA palo alto dot org or post a comment here. We know that the BPA is a valued institution for many, but we can’t stand still if we want to remain relevant.

Jun 022015

The next bi monthly senior lunch will be a picnic in Bol Park with Driftwood Deli delivering box lunches consisting of a sandwich, chips, fruit, cookies and a soft drink, all for only $10. We are able to order ahead of time with our choice of the sandwich and drink.

The time is 1:00 pm. Bring your own chair or let us know if you need someone to bring one for you.

We always enjoy the casual atmosphere in the park and, of course, the camaraderie as we get to know each other better.

If you are interested in joining us, please email Julie Spengler at or phone 493-9151 by Friday June 5th so we can make a name tag for you and place your order.

Hope to see many of you there.

May 242015

This thank you is going out to all the volunteers who helped make this years May Fete a huge success!  We had one of the largest number of people in attendance in recent history, the weather cooperated, albeit a little windy, the BBQ was busier than ever and the raffle netted more than ever before.  The cotton candy machine was a popular addition and the bounce house was a hit with the kids.

I would like to directly thank the following people for their wonderful efforts:

  • Sarah Van Zanten- Event Coordinator and Family and Friends who handled obtaining the crafts and games, the food and soda, the raffle and tickets.
  • Larry Breed and crew who bought the ribbons, cut them and re-spooled them, assembled the May Pole, attached the ribbons and the floral basket and directed the setting up of the pole, put the floral basket up, and disassembled the May Pole, long after most people were gone.
  • Gary Breitbard who organized the music and the Morris dancers
  • Rich Elder-  stage construction
  • Alan Winston- dance caller
  • Hassan at Barron Park Florist & Market- provided the flowers and assembled the Flower Basket for free!
  • Doug Graham- Barron Park History Display
  • BPA Board member Lisa Landers-Membership Table
  • BPA Board member  Peter Mueller- Membership Table
  • Boy Scout Troop 14 – There were 3 scouts there from 9:00am to 5:00pm to assist throughout the event. They helped with the cotton candy machine, running the activities, the food booth and taking down the tables and chairs. They were there to fund raise for a trip to Japan for the World Scout Jamboree this July.
  • BBQ- John King, Karen Saxena and Gene Iwamoto

…..and of course the Donkeys and their Handlers

Ad Sponsors

Gwen Luce, Coldwell Banker Real Estate
John W. King, Keller Williams Realty
Ernies Wines and Liquors
Jim Davis Automotive
Ace of Sandwiches
Celias Restaurant

In Kind Donations

Copy Factory
Barron Park Florist

Lets see everyone next year!

John W. King
Volunteer Coordinator
Barron Park May Fete coordinator

May 052015


Come and enjoy live musicians and dancers. They will perform all afternoon, with a Maypole dance at 2:30. Bring the family and a blanket and make a picnic of it. Hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza will also be for sale. Wear ribbons. There will also be games and crafts for the children, donkeys and donkey art, and the history exhibit. Activities will include face painting for children, donkey parade and more! Suggestions for other activities from the Barron Park community are welcome.

The May Fete is a volunteer effort. If you’d like to help and volunteer, or if you’d like to propose a display or activity, contact the event organizer John King at or the event planner Sarah Van Zanten at, the event email address. Look forward to seeing you there!