The Barron Park Association

Aug 212022

At the August 16, 2022 meeting of the Barron Park Association Board of Directors the guest speakers were Garrett Pauls and Jodie Gerhardt from the Planning Department of the City of Palo Alto. The topic for the evening was a proposed development at 3400 El Camino Real, the site of the current Creekside Inn motel, Driftwood Deli and Cibo’s Restaurant. Many of the residents expressed their concerns about the impact of this project on the neighborhood.

  4 Responses to “Creekside Inn Project”

  1. We need higher density housing. Wouldn’t like to the city to require it, but would like the developers include a coffee shop/bakery or small market (with fresh produce) that could compliment this neighborhood – amenities we could walk to!

  2. I have lived in BP for all of my 75 years. I have seen many positive changes through the years which have always been with a sense of what our neighborhood is all about. They have been in keeping with the special and unique environment which is Barron Park. This project certainly does not do that. Everything about it is wrong. Driftwood must be saved, as well as the restaurant and special architecture around the creek. Please…back to the drawing board!!!

  3. Please read the letter John sent out and send notes to City Council regarding your complaints/concerns. We need as many letters as possible to go to them. Thanks!!!! Feel free to use any info in the letter in yours as well. Thanks!

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