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Jul 032022

Perry got home today from the UC Davis vet hospital. You will notice that he has been shaved on both sides – this was to allow them to do an accurate ultrasound. I am glad to report that the findings were negative (no tumor, no internal bleeding). They did some more tests to figure out why he was acting unwell recently, but they ruled out the major bad things!!

It will take a long time for his hair to grow back, so he will be wearing a body cover for awhile. (On order)

Perry is very happy to be home!!  Please visit him and be extra careful not to feed him (or Buddy) as it may have been something he ate that made him sick last week.

Thank you for your support of the Barron Park Donkeys!!

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  1. Maybe Perry will smile again! Thanks to Jenny Kiratli for her attention to Perry and for keeping such a close look on the donkeys’ health.

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