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Sep 202012

Quakeville 2012

Quakeville 2012 event is this weekend at Cubberley starting on Saturday September 22.

Quakeville is an annual event that provides for the opportunity to involve all community members in Palo Alto, Stanford University and guests to become aware of what is involved in preparing for evacuation and finding alternative shelter.  In the past, shelters were set up in parks as tent cities, however, this year, we are partnering with Red Cross to open an indoor shelter.  Other activities –

  • Palo Alto Animal Shelter will also be participating to exercise their part, and asks sleepover participants to bring a stuffed animal of any size to shelter at our simulated disaster shelter.
  • The Emergency Services Volunteers will be also exercising, performing and conducting injury and damage assessments, search and rescue, medical triage and simulated emergency communications.
  • Our newly formed Emergency Medical Unit will be conducting simulated medical treatment.
  • Informational booths will further Emergency Preparedness education.
  • Red Cross is featuring their Mobile Kitchen and their Emergency Response Vehicle.

Sponsored by the City of Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services.

This note is a call for a few more volunteers. We need some general help with greeting and check-in with shifts starting at 10:30 AM until 4:30PM.
We also would like to encourage you to come and be make-up as a victim. We have some wonderful artists from Theatreworks to help with this effort!

This will be lots of fun. The main part of the event is from 2-5PM with comments from dignitaries at 5:30 PM and a free Red Cross dinner for volunteers at 6PM.

Details including links to the flyer and how to sign up on Eventbrite are on

If you do not want to volunteer, just come and join us -watch drills, first aid, search and rescue, learn about emergency preparedness for yourself and your family, and see our new EMU (Emergency Medical Unit) in action. .

See you there!

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