The Barron Park Association

Oct 092020

Parents and friends at Barron Park Elementary School invite everyone to participate in a Walk-a-Thon Scavenger Hunt — October 9-11 !

On October 9-11th, Barron Park Elementary School PTA is organizing a physically distant, Walk-a-Thon Scavenger Hunt weekend in the neighborhood!

Barron Park families, friends, and neighbors can help raise money for Barron Park Elementary School by walking steps while exploring for fun things in the neighborhood. The Barron Park classroom with the highest percentage of participants and steps walked will be awarded: 

How can YOU participate? – At there is a real-time overview of our classrooms’ participants. Please consider sponsoring a specific student or make a general donation to our school! Your donation is highly appreciated and tax-deductible!

– Download the Participation Package and print out a Barron Park Walk-a-Thon Bee. Put it up in your window – facing out, for anyone to see. These bees will add even more fun to the scavenger hunt!

– Print or save the scavenger hunt item list digitally to bring outside on your walk(s) the weekend of October 9-11. Enjoy the fun!!

Walk-a-Thon Scavenger Hunt participation package:

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER while physically distant and wearing masks, we can still have a fun time walking and exploring outdoors!

—Our school will directly benefit from the money raised by this event by purchasing school supplies, help with technology resources, funding school events, scholarships, and fulfill teacher grants!

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