The Barron Park Association

Apr 242016

Barron Park Association celebrated its first Holi Festival on March 26th, 2016. Over 200 people joined in a fun filled warm and sunny afternoon in appealing lush green surroundings of Bol Park to share vibrant colors, laughter and joy to welcome Spring!

Few of the comments we received from our contented visitors say it all:

“Very nice. It was amazing to play Holi in such a fun setting after so many years. Kudos to Barron Park organizing team and everyone else for their spirit”.

“Hello Baron Park community, thanks so much for organizing this Holi get together! We and all our friends and family I talked to thoroughly enjoyed Holi today. Everything was very well done from food to color distribution etc. Please continue involving other Palo Altans in the future years – We promise we will also assist you next time!”

Enjoy the videoclip (courtesy: Mandar Borkar), that captures the joyous moments of the event:

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