The Barron Park Association

Dec 192012

Major gas main and services replacement work next year will impact Barron Park, but not before late February. Construction on this project, which would replace existing gas mains using the “Aldyl-A” material that is no longer considered acceptable for prolonged service underground, had been scheduled for 2012, but has been delayed until early 2013.
According to Utilities Communication Manager Debra Katz, “That project has just finished the contractor selection phase (the contractor will be Daleo, Inc. and they have worked with us before and done a very good job). The next step will be a pre-construction meeting later in January and that is where it will be determined when the contractor will work where. What I can say for almost 100% certain is that no work will start anywhere before late February.

More information about this project can be found here. We will post information on our website when the details become available.

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