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Jul 302012

Love them or not – Starbucks Drive-Thru on El Camino is open. The Daily Post had an advertisement announcing their “Grand Opening Celebration” on Tuesday July 31st 10 AM to 11 AM.
The article didn’t say whether or not you had to drive your car through to celebrate or could use your bike….or  just walk in.

  One Response to “Starbucks Drive-Thru Grand Opening”

  1. I heard that Starbucks and Square are collaborating. I read this in Wired Magazine “So here’s a reasonable scenario for the future. You’re walking down the street. It’s hot. The Starbucks a block away sends you a message that your favorite hot-weather order – venti skinny latte on ice — is available to you at a dollar off. You accept the offer, and with a few taps, add an almond biscotti to the tab. Then you stroll into the Starbucks. Everything is ready when you arrive – you simply pick it up, the barista checks out your punim, and you’re out the door.”

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